From the beach at AKR
In December 2002 Dion and I took a
SCUBA diving trip to a little island called
We had a week long vacation on the island
at one of the best 5 star PADI resorts on the
island called
Anthony’s Key Resort.
Our Dream for the future
The Arrival
From the moment we had stepped off the
plane we knew that this was the place for us.

White sand beaches, very few people and
some of the best diving in the world.  There
are about 30,000 people on the island and
they there are some of the nicest I have met
in my travels.
The sunsets are AWESOME
What needs to happen
As everyone knows…. Money does not
grow on trees and I am not rich so a few
realize our dream of some day living on
the island of Roatan.  

The few things that need to happen are:
Kids turn 18.
Finish building the house.
Win the Lotto.
Where it stands now
Well we have not won the Lotto but we keep
trying. All of my kids are now over 18 so that
is one item off the list and we now have two
homes on the island all on the same property.
One we keep rented out all the time and the
main house we have been lucky enough to
keep rented most of the year with long term

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