The Move
The Move

Once we had gone through the process of purchasing the land and the old bird park gift shop (that is what the
pink building was) we tried to decide what to do with the building and the lot.  We knew the small pink house was
not the dream home we had wanted and it would not due for a retirement home.  We were going to tear it down to
make room for the new home that we knew some day we would build.  

After a few months of thinking about it and having a few local people look at it we decided to have it moved and
fixed up a bit to make it into a granny flat or a place to have friends stay.  It was filled with bats, mice and the top
part of the roof was filled with what bats do after eating fruit.  We had it all cleared out (We should have saved the
bat guano and made some $$$$) and cleaned up. Then we decided that we would relocate the house to the back
of the property where it would be out of the way of the new home we so dreamed of.