Captains and Dive Masters
Front desk staff
Susan and Greg with Beth
Ron and Beth
Kristy (Dion’s best friend)
Clint and his better half
Richard and Dena
(Could this be a wife picture?)
The bar brings a smile to
George and Charlene
Ohhhhh CANADA!!!
Susan and Greg
Sad to be going home
Richard MaGoo
Charles and Lisa
The ladies are having fun
Karen and a few of the other
ladies parting it up
G-Man and Karen
Roatan Photo Album
Updated June 24, 2012
People and Friends from Roatan
Over the years that I have been going to Roatan I have had the opportunity to meet many great people and some have remained
friends.  Here are a few of the folks I have had the honor of meeting on the island.
Mike and Angie
kicking back
Sandy and Kenny
The family
Vacation Time
Steve and his wife
AKR Staff 2006
Jackie and Kevin
Sue and Andy
The girls
The NC Crew
Doc and his ladies

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