A Little About Us

As for vacations and travel there has not been much since
coming back to the states except a few trips to Solvang and a
few other little side trips here and there in California, Nevada
(my home state) and Oklahoma.

We have taken a few trips to a small island called Roatan
and have fallen in love with it.  We loved Roatan so much that
we even purchased a home there and have finished building
a second home on the beach.

Check out the pages about Roatan for more info about our

I have been a traveler since I was a little kid thanks to my mother. She
made sure that when we were growing up that we were able to
experience and see our own country.

We traveled everyplace by car, a big green country squire station wagon,
and I thank her for that as it gave me the want to travel the world to see
how the rest of the world lived.

For this start in life I can never repay her enough.
I spent 3 great years in Portugal and found a lovely lady working
for the same company as I did and we hit it off.

Dion was working for the same program that I was on and was
the IT support person as well as a member of the in-country
software support team.  

This was Dion’s first time to live outside the USA and I could see
scuba divers and she love the travel and surprises of the different
cultures of each of the places that we visit.

Over the years we have been able to travel to places like Spain,
England, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Africa and of course we were
able to travel all over Portugal.

When I was 17 I had decided that the best way for
me to see US Air Force so that is what I did when
I turned 18.
I spent 15 of the best years of my life in the Air
Force traveling around to places like Germany,
Belgium, Central America, Asia and a few places I
cannot talk about. The thirst for new cultures was
even stronger after living in Germany.

That kept me traveling all over every NATO country
for 10 I took a special assignment with NATO in
able to visit all of the NATO countries at least once.

After leaving the military I just had to get back on the road
so I decided that I would be a communications consultant
and as my specialty was military communications what
better way than to work with military contracts.

This was a good move as the first place I was able to go
to was the Middle East which has become one of the best
experiences in my life. Never had I been in an area that
enriched with history.

After a few years in Saudi Arabia and Jordan as well as a
few visits to some of the other countries in the area I
found myself in sunny southern California, Now not being
a big fan of having someone tell me how to live and
where I could smoke and such I decided that it was time
for me to hit the road again. This time my travels took me
back to one of my favorite countries, Portugal.
In July of 2002 we moved back to California (company
headquarters) and in April of 2003 I started a new job
with one of the major aerospace companies working
in the communications field which I do enjoy. It is nice
to start a new project and see it work for the first time.

We both moved to a little area of California called
Placentia which is in
In 2006 the program asked us if we would like to
support in South East Arizona and we thought, hey
why not. So we moved out to a little area called

The town (if you can call it that) is a small area
outside of the bigger town of Sierra Vista which is
home to the US Army Fort Huachuca.  Herefords
population is just around 6 thousand and Sierra Vista
is around 40 thousand.