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Weather Web Cams

Click on the picture on the below to bring up the current web cam image of the local mountains. This
web cam is on 24/7 and on the page you can look at archive video back as long as the camera has
been in operation.

This web cam is my official weather cam. I have an additional web cam that I will post links to on this
website at a later date.
For the last few years I was interested in the local weather and just how the weather changed out here in the
high desert of Hereford, Arizona. What I found it that we actually have several seasons due to the desert,
mountains and the face that we are in the monsoon belt of the desert.

I am currently running two different weather stations that are mounted on the South West corner of my roof. Each
is mounted at about 10 meters off the ground.
 Each station is made up of the following components:

A Receiver (mounted at my computer desk).
Four outdoor sensors:
Thermo-hydro transmitter (Temperature and Humidity)
Wind speed sensor (Wind Speed and Wind Gust)
Wind direction sensor
Rain sensor

Both weather stations measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity (both inside and outside),
rainfall and barometric pressure.

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Click the picture to go to weather station #1
Click the picture to go to weather station #2